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Our best City leaders have always understood how passionate residents are about San Clemente.  During my 22 years of service to our community, I have seen how we can achieve great things when we all work together for a better San Clemente.  

I am proud of the role I have played in many of San Clemente’s finest achievements.  Working together with others, we created our beautiful Beach Trail, we cleaned up our beaches and ocean water, we prevented double-tracks along our beach, we tackled the massive undertaking of writing a new San Clemente General Plan, and we are now making San Clemente safer by adding more Deputies

Of course, I did not do these things by myself.  Many people share credit for these accomplishments.  Strong leadership is about working with others to make San Clemente an even better place.  I promise to bring my team spirit to City Council Chambers.  My experience, along with my knowledge of our City and its issues, will help me navigate the challenges that lie ahead.  

My priorities:

  • Make sure the City is a good partner with local merchants as they fight to survive the COVID crisis
  • Be frugal with the City budget in these lean times, and protect our tax base
  • Fight hard for Public Safety, No Toll Road, a Regional Approach to Homelessness, bringing back a Local Hospital, and the Removal of San Onofre Nuclear Waste.

We are asking for your support so we can achieve more great things for San Clemente.  Please feel free to donate through this website.  Most important, we ask you to please help spread the word about Bill Hart for City Council. 

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